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AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update not working properly [Fixed]

If you keep finding it difficult to get AOL Gold updates automatically, you may be having an issue with automatic update feature of this software. This issue, if left unresolved may become the cause of other issues with this software. So, it is a must for every AOL user to understand this issue, detect it and troubleshoot it to avoid further issues.

Reasons why AOL Gold Automatic Update is not working properly

The very first thing that comes in the mind of a user of this software is why this problem has occurred. One or more reasons may be the culprit behind it and it is very important to identify the exact cause of it. The few reasons that can lead to this error are:

  1. Automatic Update of Windows is disabled
    If the Windows Automatic Update option in the control panel of your system is inadvertently disabled by you, any installed program like AOL Gold won’t work.
  1. AOL Desktop Gold is corrupt
    If your software has been corrupted due to a virus, malware or Trojan attack, some features of the automatic update are affected thus hindering the automatic update feature.
  1. Memory Deficit
    If you have not enough memory to install the updated version of AOL Desktop Gold, automatic update feature will not work properly and a new updated version won’t be installed on your system.
  1. Security Software like Firewall, Windows Defender, etc. that may hinder the automatic download of AOL Gold.
  2. Faulty internet connectivity
  3. Compatibility issues

Fix ‘AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working Properly’ issue
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You can follow some simple steps to trouble shoot this error.

  1. Close every program running on your system and shut down your computer by clicking Alt + F4.
  2. Wait for around 10-20 seconds and start your system again. Wait for it to boot.
  3. Click on ‘Windows’ and type ‘Update’ there in the search bar to check for any updates.
  4. Select the ‘Update’ option and open THE ‘Change Settings’ section.
  5. Find out the option of ‘Important Updates’ and right-click it. Choose ‘Install Automatic Updates’ from the list that appears before you.
  6. Save the changes you have made to your system by clicking OK.
  7. Restart your system.
  8. Log in to your AOL Desktop Gold account and check whether your software is updated or not by navigating to ‘About’ section and opening it.

If you find your AOL Desktop Gold is still not updated, follow the steps that follow carefully.

  • Run Disk CleanUp to delete every unnecessary temporary file.
  • Delete all cache memory, digital footprints, cookies and browsing history from your system. This will increase the memory space for other programs and they would be able to work properly.
  • Disable the antivirus software you have temporarily. Sometimes, firewall and anti-virus software hinder the update process of software despite being important for cyber-security.
  • If every attempt goes in vain, delete Desktop Gold, download and install it again. The new installed version will automatically be the updated one.

Contact AOL Desktop Gold Team

If you try everything but in vain, contact AOL Desktop Gold Team. The troubleshooting experts will guide you on how to fix this error. You can access this service available everywhere every time and resolve your AOL issues instantly and effectively. 


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