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How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104?

AOL Desktop Gold is a highly efficient software meant to serve multiple needs of users like browsing, playing games, managing passwords, sending emails and chatting. Though it is highly popular among users due to its versatility, it also is not free of errors. Users face issues when they work on this software. One of the most common issues with this software is AOL Desktop Gold Error 104. This error hinders the smooth downloading of this software on your system. Hence, you aren’t able to utilize the best features of this software. Read on to know in detail what this error is and how you can fix it.

What is AOL Desktop Gold Error 104?

This error 104 is a common error a user faces often while he tries to download AOL Gold on his desktop. This error causes the download procedure to stop or abort. This error may be occurring due to one or more reasons. Read on to know what may be the reason behind this error. This error sometimes displays an error message, freezes your system for some time, or makes your Windows go sluggish with a poor response to mouse or keyboard clicks.

Possible Causes of AOL Gold Error 104

One cannot determine exactly what causes this AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 to occur but the most common reasons behind it are:

  1. A Corrupt download of AOL Instant Messenger or other AOL-related apps.
  2. Corrupt Windows registry from any recent download AOL Messenger or any other app.
  3. A virus or malware attack that has corrupted Windows system files
  4. Inadvertent deletion of any program

Steps to resolve AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

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You can try different ways to fix this error.

1. Scan your computer for malware infections 

It is highly probable that some malware or virus may have corrupted your system. An intruder into your system may inject malware or other malicious software into your system that can harm you run-time files of a computer program. Run a scan of your computer using a good quality scanner tool that will help you detect any malware or virus present on your system. If you find any malicious file or software, delete it instantly to avoid further damage.

2. Confirm whether your system is compatible

Read the system specifications of AOL Desktop Gold and make sure that your system is compatible with those specifications. It is a must for your system to match the system specifications of this software or else it would not get downloaded properly.

3. Delete all junk files

Make sure that you have deleted all temporary files and folders (junk) present on your system. The presence of such junk material usually slows down the download of software or even stops it completely. Delete all cookies, cache memory, and footprints by following these steps.
Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Tools icon in the top right corner.

  • Open the drop-down menu of that icon with a simple click on Tools icon.
  • Choose ‘General’ and press the ‘Delete’ button.
  • Check the boxes against ‘Temporary Internet Files’, ‘Cookies’, and ‘History’ and then press ‘Delete’ button.
  • Click OK. This will close the window of ‘Internet Options’.
  • This will delete all temporary files, cookies, digital footprints and browsing history of your browser.

Note: If you use Google Chrome, you can delete history by simply clicking ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ icon in the top right corner and selecting History>History and choose ‘Clear Browsing Data’ given in the left corner. Check the boxes against those searches you want to delete and press the ‘Delete’ button at the end

4. Ensure that you have updated your system drivers

At times, outdated or corrupt drivers also lead to the occurrence of AOL Desktop Gold Error 104. Check whether your drivers are updated or not. Update the relevant drivers and confirm that you have not installed any irrelevant or wrong drivers on your system as having wrong system drivers may increase the download issues further.

If you can’t decide on which system drivers you need to install or update, and which ones to delete, contact AOL Desktop Gold troubleshooting experts to get the best help in this regard.

5. Restore your computer

This is the last resort you can try if you are unable to remove AOL Gold Error 104 even after having tried all other methods. This restoration process will delete all data you had added since the last restoration. It will send your computer in the last restored form.

NOTE: Before you decide to restore your computer, check if any corrupt windows files are on your system. Run a Windows System File Checker to detect the presence of corrupt files and delete them if found. This might rectify the AOL Gold Download Error. Also, check for an update of Windows. If there is any updated version available, install that. If you try these all ways and the problem still remains, go for the restoration process.

Contact AOL Gold Team

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If you experience trouble in downloading Desktop Gold on your system due to Error 104 and are unable to solve this even after trying all the above-mentioned methods, contact AOL Desktop Gold troubleshooting service. The certified and expert troubleshooting experts of AOL Gold team will definitely give you the best solution to this error and get your AOL up and running again.


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