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Fix ‘AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing’ Issue

AOL Gold is undoubtedly a multi-utility internet suite that lets its users do everything from sending emails, browsing online, chatting to playing games. However, just like other software or programs, AOL is also prone to errors. A common and prevalent error many AOL users face is ‘AOL Gold Icon Missing’ error. Different basic and advanced methods are available to tackle this issue effectively. Basic methods can help resolve this issue, but the resolution you get by using basic methods is often temporary. The issue creeps in again after in your Desktop Gold after a while. Therefore, a user should often resort to advanced methods that prove to be more efficient and give ever-lasting relief from this issue. To fix this issue effectively, scroll down to read this blog further.
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Steps to resolve ‘AOL Dekstop Gold Icon Missing’ issue

If you face
this issue and want to resolve it, you need to follow a step-by-step approach for that. You can try restoring your missing icon with the basic method, and can proceed to the advanced method if the basic method doesn’t work.

Even though this AOL software has carved out a niche for itself in the field of multi-utility software, it can also pose problems a user might find difficult to get rid of. This ‘missing icon’ error is prevalent but you can solve it if you follow a fixed series of steps. Read on to know the two approaches you can adopt to solve this problem.

  1. Restore the missing Desktop Gold icon from the system tray.
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This is the basic method you can use to restore your missing AOL Gold icon.

  • Navigate to the system tray of your computer.
  • You will get to see a small cursor pointing upward. Select that cursor by clicking on it.
  • An option of customization will show up after you select that cursor. Choose that customization option to proceed.
  • Out of the desktop icons on the screen, find AOL Gold icon and restore it on the desktop by dragging it.

Sometimes, while you are making changes to your computer, you may inadvertently land up creating some causes that might cause ‘AOL Gold missing icon’ error. Follow these basic steps to rectify this error.
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  • Open ‘View’ by right clicking the mouse.
  • Out of the sub-sections shown under the ‘View’ option, click ‘Show Desktop Icons’.
  • Refresh your PC by pressing F5 button.

If you don’t get success after trying out this basic method, try out the advanced method to fix this issue.

  1. Disable the Task Scheduler
  • Navigate to the ‘Windows’ icon at the bottom and select it.
  • Select ‘Programs’.
  • Select Accessories and proceed by selecting System Tools.
  • You will see a Task Scheduler Window. Click on the tree-like icon from there and select ‘Microsoft’.
  • Under the folder of ‘Microsoft’, click Windows>Diagnosis.
  • Disable the schedule showing up on the screen by right-clicking it and selecting the ‘Disable’ option. Ensure that you update the time on your computer also.

Contact AOL Desktop Gold Team for Help

If you have tried out everything but aren’t able to solve ‘AOL Gold icon missing’ problem, feel free to contact AOL Desktop Gold team experts. You can get in touch with  executives over a phone, live chat session or via email and get an instant solution to this problem or any other problem related to AOL Desktop Gold.  


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