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Common AOL Desktop Gold Problems [Solution]

AOL Gold is undoubtedly a cutout for those users who want multi-functional software. What makes this software great are its uses. You can use it to send emails, chat with friends, browse online or play games. But nobody can escape the trouble different problems with software cause to a user. The problems that arise hamper your work a lot. So, it is very important to solve them without delay. Read on to know what all common problems an AOL user faces and how they can be solved.
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Common Problems in AOL Gold


  1. AOL Dekstop Gold Download Error/104 error
  2. Desktop Gold sign-in issues
  3. AOL Gold Not Responding’ missing
  4. Icon Missing error
  5. Slow speed issues
  6. Mail related issues

Solutions to Common Problems in AOL Gold

As it is clear that no software can be truly free from errors, it is a must for you to understand how you can tackle that problem without letting this software hamper your work. To find out how you can tackle the above-mentioned problems effectively and utilize this multi-utility software in the best way, read on the steps to solve each problem.

1. Steps to fix ‘Desktop Gold Download Error’/ ‘Error 104’


If you try to download this software and see an error message ‘AOL 104 error’ on your screen, or notice that system has frozen, or that your Windows has slowed down, you need to fix ‘Download Error’ by following these steps.

  • Use a good quality scanner to scan your laptop or PC. Sometimes, malware is the culprit behind your download error as it corrupts Windows and affects the download procedure of software.
  • Check for the spare memory. Sometimes, insufficient memory present on your system may also cause this download error. Make sure that you clean up all junk files.  
  • Your system not being compatible with AOL Gold is another reason behind ‘Download Error’. Read the system requirements of this software and confirm that your system is compatible with this software.
  • Update all relevant drivers on your system to escape ‘Error 104’.
  • If you can’t resolve this error even after all this, it is highly recommended to you to restore your system.

2. Steps to fix ‘Desktop Gold Sign-in’ issues


If you are trying to sign-in to your AOL account and get to see:

  • Messages showing ‘Sign-In error’, ‘Berk’, or ‘GAH’.
  • A blank screen after you finish typing in your user name and password
  • Sign-in screen disappears,

then you must understand that this is clearly the AOL Sign-In problem. To rectify this problem, you can follow the following steps.

  • Begin with clearing all things like cookies, history, cache memory, or footprints that you have got on your system.
  • If this basic troubleshooting method doesn’t work properly, proceed to the advanced method to fix AOL Desktop Gold sign-in problem.
  • The advanced method you can adopt for it is to reset your browser settings if your sign-in screen disappears. The browser should be the one you are using for AOL sign-in.
  • Further, you can change firewall or browser settings to remove ‘Blerk’ error. Moreover, you can remove ‘Gah’ error by enabling Java applets.
  • Similarly, you can solve ‘blank screen’ error by allowing friendly URLs, enabling Java scripts and modifying web settings.

3. Steps to fix ‘AOL Gold Not Responding’ error


If you try to open AOL and you see:

  • A symbol in the shape of an egg keeps revolving which means that AOL main page is not opening.
  • Clicking on the icon of this software opens nothing, then you can infer that the software is not opening or responding.

To rectify this problem, you can go through the following steps.

  1. Check and verify whether you have made any changes to your system recently. If you find any changes made by you recently, restore your system.
  2. Disable ‘Add-ons’, as they sometimes hinder proper functioning of AOL.
  3. If the problem doesn’t go away, check if your Active Scripting, Java, or Active X are unblocked. If a browser blocks them, ‘AOL Gold Not Responding’ error occurs.
  4. If you use any version of Windows and haven’t been able to remove this through any method given above, go for the ultimate ‘Clean Boot’ solution.
  5. If you have an android phone and face this error, remove it by adjusting IMAP account settings and restarting it.

4. Steps to fix ‘Desktop Gold Icon Missing’ issue


If you can’t find the icon of this software on your desktop screen, you must understand that this is ‘Missing icon’ error. Read the steps that follow to understand how you can fix this issue.

  • Click the ‘Expand’ icon beside the system tray in the taskbar.
  • Select the cursor pointing upward by clicking on it.
  • Select the customization option that appears on the screen.
  • Out of desktop icons, find the ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ icon and create its shortcut.
  • If this method doesn’t work, try out disabling task scheduler.

5. Steps to fix speed issues of AOL Desktop Gold


  • Delete junk files from your system to increase the empty storage space on your system.
  • Clear RAM.
  • Use good quality antivirus software to scan your system for viruses, Trojans, malware, etc.

6. Steps to fix AOL Mail Related Issues


If you are unable to send emails, try solving it by rebooting your system, using a different browser, clearing cache of your browser, or by disabling firewall temporarily. Contact AOL Gold troubleshooting service So, you can see you can adopt the following methods to remove the common errors you face while using AOL Gold Desktop. But if you still face any problem after trying out every method to remove it, contact AOL troubleshooting experts and solve every AOL problem instantly. You can call our  experts, chat with them or send them an email stating your problem.   



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