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AOL Gold Freezing or Not Responding Issue [Fixed]

If you are a user of AOL Desktop Gold and like it due to the great versatility it has, you may have encountered a very common issue in the course of use of it. If you have ever found that your AOL had frozen in the middle of your work or was not responding properly, you may infer that it is AOL Gold Freezing/Not Responding error. It generally occurs either when you launch this software or are working on it. This error hinders your smooth work and causes you unnecessary trouble. Keep reading to understand the probable reasons behind this error and how you can eliminate this error.

Possible Causes of AOL Desktop Gold Freezing/Not Responding

If your AOL is giving your problems every time you launch it or use it, these may be the possible causes of it.

  1. Your system is not compatible with AOL Gold
  2. Your browser is not updated or working properly
  3. Presence of malware on your system
  4. Corrupt program files

Ways to solve AOL Gold Freezing/Not Responding Problem


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Before trying out some advanced approaches, you can try out some basic methods to rectify this error.

  1. Reboot your computer to close all back-end programs running unnecessarily. This would leave enough RAM for this software to work properly.
  2. Scan your system for possible infections caused by viruses, Trojans, malware or worms, etc. that may be the culprit behind this error.
  3. Check your internet connectivity and ensure that it is stable and optimized.
  4. If you have tried all the above-mentioned ways but the problem is not gone, select the AOL Gold software files and try to launch this software from its icon over there.
  5. If you think your internet is the cause behind this AOL Gold Freeze issue, start ‘Backup and Restore’ process that would take your computer to its former state.
  6. If this software freezes even after the completion of the restoration process, try to reinstall or repair the browser you are using.

Advanced Approaches to solve AOL Gold Freezing issue

If you have tried basic approaches but failed to remove this issue, you can go for the following advanced approaches.

  1. Try using Compatibility Mode for AOL Desktop Gold

If you are using an older version of this software, your software may freeze. To fix this issue, delete the older version and install the latest version of this software on your system. Keep following things in mind while downloading the latest version of this software.       

  • Always download Desktop Gold from its official website
  • Save the installer file and right-click to view its properties.
  • Check the box against the option “Run this program in compatibility mode”.
  • Open the drop-down menu and choose the operating system you were using previously.
  • Click OK and attempt to install AOL Gold

2. Use administrator mode to run AOL Desktop Gold

  • Choose the properties of Desktop Gold by right-clicking it.
  • Select Shortcut Tap from the window that opens.
  • Select ‘Advanced’ and check the box against the option ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Save these changes and attempt to run the software again.

Contact AOL Gold Troubleshooting Service

If you find it difficult to remove this error, don’t delay further and contact our AOL Gold team via a phone call, email, or live chat session. The Desktop Gold troubleshooting experts are ready to help you 24*7 with any problem you face during your work on this software. The moment you choose to reach our troubleshooting guidance service, you can get assured that your error 104 or any other AOL Gold-related issues will get resolved effectively.



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