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How to Resolve ‘AOL Gold Won’t Open’ Issue?

Sometimes, an AOL Gold user might land up facing a big problem if he tries to open AOL and it doesn’t open. This would be more troublesome if you have to attend an urgent meeting or have an urgent work on the AOL email account. Therefore, it is very important for you to understand what causes this issue to arise. Though the designers of this software try to make it as user-friendly and error-free as possible, it is still software and gives problems sometimes. To understand why you AOL Desktop Gold is not opening and how you can tackle this problem effectively, keep reading this article.

What causes ‘AOL Gold Won’t Open’ Issue?
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Whenever a user faces a technical issue, it is not due to just one reason. If your software is not opening properly, there might be one or the other possible reasons behind it. A few reasons why this error arises are:

  • Problem with AOL Desktop Gold installation procedure

Your software installation procedure may have been interrupted due to some reason or you may not have followed a correct installation procedure.

  • Incompatibility with some other software already present on your system

It might be possible that Desktop Gold you installed may be incompatible with any other application or software already installed on your system.

  • Malware infection

A malware program or a virus may have infected your computer rendering your Desktop Gold useless.

  • Damage to your hard disc

Due to any malfunction, your hard disk may have damaged making it impossible for this software to open or function properly.

Solutions to fix ‘AOL Gold Won’t Open’ Issue

Keep trying all the ways that follow until the issue goes away.

  • Use good antivirus software to run a full scan on your system to detect any potential threats or malicious files, folders or software. If your anti-virus reports any such files or software, delete them immediately.
  • Check whether your system is meeting all the system specifications of AOL Desktop Gold software or not.
  • Ensure that your internet connectivity is uninterrupted and stable with a high surfing speed.
  • If you have any program, software or application that is not compatible with this software, uninstall it.
  • Find out whether you have your Desktop Gold Automatic Update option enabled or not. If you find that the option is disabled, enable it.
  • Delete all junk files, cookies, cache on your system to ensure that your system has enough space for the software to work properly and effectively.
  • Disable the anti-virus software or firewall that may be hindering the opening of AOL Gold.
  • Restart your system so that your RAM is cleared.
  • Check if any download of any other software is going on in the background. It might hinder the opening of this software. If you find any such download running and interrupting AOL, stop that download.
  • If you try every method but fail to open this software, delete it and install it again.

Contact AOL Desktop Gold Experts

Even after trying all these measures, if your Desktop Gold doesn’t open, it might be possible that there is some serious issue with your system or this software. Nevertheless, you can always dial the AOL Desktop Gold number to talk with expert executives and get the solution to this problem. You can also email or chat with the expert agents to get the solutions you want.


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